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24 August 2008 @ 01:49 am
Alright, so after taking a break from my one-act script (which is driving me mental, fyi), I started trying to come up with some character names for my originally short, but now very long, story. Out of curiosity what comes to mind when I say Kendall Laurence (female) and Aidan Finley (male)? I've been having a debate in my head as to whether a couple's name need to flow together. It seems a lot of them do... Edward/Bella, Darcy/Bennett (on a side note, I just realized they have the best hybrid name ever: Darnett), Bridget/Mark, Arwen/Aragon etc. I know those are very random examples but to be fair it is two in the morning (ice cappuccinos are never a good idea after eleven o'clock apparently). Perhaps I'm over-thinking this (more then likely)or possibly crazy. Thoughts?
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